Home Window Repair Riverton, UT area

Do you have a broken window in your home? In most cases we can replace the glass in broken windows, which saves you a bunch of money! 

You know that horrible feeling you get when a window breaks. You dread thinking of all that money it is going to take to replace that broken window in your home. Well, get ready feel a little better, because at Westlake Window Glass, we specialize in home window REPAIR! That means in many cases, we are able to save you around 40% of the cost of a completely new window by replacing just the glass in your broken window. Our home window repair services extend from Riverton, Herriman, and Bluffdale, to surrounding Utah communities.

Like most people, when you have a broken window in your home you probably assume you will have to replace the entire window. That’s understandable, because unless you have worked with Westlake Window Glass you most likely don’t think of home window repair as an option. So, here is the question… Do you need to replace or can you repair that unsightly broken window? Well the answer depends on the extent of the damage to that window. Most often, our experienced window repair experts are able to repair your broken window by installing new glass panes in your existing window frame. So you get a perfectly good window at a fraction of the cost of a completely new window replacement.

So, if you are looking for the best price and quality to fix a broken window in your home, call Westlake Window Glass, for all home window repair in Riverton, UT, Herriman, and Bluffdale. Jeremy, our residential window repair expert will be happy to come to your home and give you a FREE estimate.

We were very happy with Westlake Window Glass fixing our windows. We had a couple that needed to be totally replaced and one that just needed to be resealed. They did a fantastic job getting me a good price and installing the windows quickly, without sacrificing quality. AND, they are overall just great guys to work with. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to fix our windows in the future.
–Isaac W, Riverton, UT

Before Picture of Broken Glass Window