Window Glass Replacement in Lehi, UT and surrounding areas

Our residential window repair services can save you money  

If your home has a broken window and you want to get it fixed for the best price around, just think W W J D (What Would Jordan Do?) Call Jordan, our residential window repair expert at Westlake Window Glass and he will replace just the glass in your window which will cost around half the price of a full window replacement.

Residential Window Repair and Maintenance

Great Returns On Your Window Investment

Windows are a valuable asset to any home. Your windows should to be cared for with regularly maintenance in order for them to keep your home safe, energy efficient, and beautiful for years to come. Keeping windows clean, both the glass and around the frame, will help prevent longterm build up of dirt and grime that over time can contribute to window seal failure. If your double pain window appears foggy between the glass panes and you are unable to clean it, then the seal on that window has already failed and it will need to be repaired. Jordan at Westlake Window Glass can fix any window with seal failure it by replacing the glass panes. Give him a call! 

In-window Dog Doors 

The best decision for any dog owner

Your dog will thank you for having one of our in-window dog-doors installed at your home. Jordan at Westlake Window Glass will give you a free estimate on your new pathway to puppy heaven. Give him a call!