Window Seal Failure Repair 

No more cloudy, leaky windows

When a window seal has failed you will see moisture build up between the panes of glass and you won’t be able to get rid of it. Along with this fog build up, mineral deposits, dirt and grime will soon cover your windows. Seal failure can also cause windows to leak in rainy conditions. In most cases of seal failure we can replace just the panes of glass and reseal it for around 60% the cost of a complete window install. 

At Westlake Window Glass we offer affordable repair services for window seal failure in the Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, and Lehi, UT area. Give us a call, Jordan will take good care of you!

I was tired of looking out our fogged up kitchen window and was expecting to pay for an entirely new window. When Jordan told me he could fix the situation by replacing just the glass… I was relieved. When he told me how much money it would save me… I was ecstatic! Thanks again Jordan!
–Chelsea Jenkins, Saratoga Springs, UT