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  1. Westlake Window Glass says:

    Can you remember as a kid when you, or the group you were with, broke a window?
    That first moment seems to play in slow motion. Everyone freezes, jaws drop, eyes open wider than seemingly possible watching the broken glass pieces fall slower and slower. Meanwhile fear begins to builds up, fast, then faster as the universal questions race through little minds, “Did I do that?” “Who saw it?” “Who can I blame?” “How can I get out of this?” Then, time regains its momentum, catching up with the speed of sound and the crash of the glass hitting the ground becomes a signal, like a shot from the starting gun for the 800 meter sprint. You and every other kid fearing the consequences, miraculously summon Olympic sprinter speed to flee the scene and thus escape the impending doom.

    Now as we age and “mature,” if you think that you have out-grown such a childish reaction to breaking a window, think again. Grown men can be seen displaying a similar, “Who me? I didn’t do it” reaction quite regularly on any public golf course… just ask homeowners near the Ranches Golf Club in Eagle Mountain.

    We would love to hear YOUR broken window stories, so please share!

    And the next time you have a golf ball, baseball or any other ball breaking a window in your home or apartment, just know you can call Jordan at Westlake Window Glass. We are a local company offering affordable, Residential Window Repair in Lehi, UT Eagle Mountain, and Saratoga Springs.

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